Mar 9, 2015

New Blog

Hello everyone!

I am moving to a new blog!! 

If you want to follow my adventure in Tokyo, please go to Irene de Tokyo
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Oct 2, 2014

Moshi Moshi Nippon


Brownie Love

Last weekend I participated to an an event promoting Japan Pop culture called MoshiMoshi Nippon organized by Asobi System (Harajuku models and talents agency ).

The event was held at Tokyo Gymnasium in Sendagaya, Tokyo and featured idol concerts, fashion shows, dance shows, etc... The concept was to recreate a japanese Matsuri (festival) in an "Harajuku fashion " style, so you had traditional food stands but also shops, booth and games.

I didnt really had the chance to taste the food but the activities seemed fun.

 Saturday : Rehearsal and Dinner with the oversea models and Asobi staff.

French Team

Sunday : the event 

 Pictures with the girls during the long day waiting in the backstage.

Vienna ! AKA Queen of Selfie

Vienna and Delphine
With the stunning Eva !

With Kelly


 With Himezawa

 With Becki cruel

Cosplay team selfie

 Himezawa and Kyary

With Manon

With Inès

cheki cheki

 The show :

The crowd was huge and everybody was waving at me like if was any kind of famous ahah It is always very fun to do fashion show but the pression is huge. In your head it's like "dont fall dont fall please dont forget to smile walk straight dont do weird faces "

At the end of the day I was so exhausted... but I still went to the after party ahah
the day after I had a photo shooting so I took the last train.

Sayonara !!!

The Giant toothbrush

Sep 20, 2014

Black is the new Black

If fashion is your way to express your inner self, if fashion the mirror of your emotions you may understand why I can't always give the same image to the world. Ones personality is complex, a mix of your past, your dreams, your aspirations, etc ...

I tried my best to fit the country of kawaiiness i'm living in now, to be honest it's an easy game for me and my baby face. Don't be jealous, being cute is maybe the easiest state for me but that's not who I am. I don't feel like a cute person at all, neither as a "pretty people". 
Since I'm a European in Japan, I'm fitting the beauty standards ... but that's just not me. 
I want to feel sexy, fierce and strong. Not a weak defenseless dolly. 

Anyway, as I told you I've tried a more colorful/ pretty girl look. I just didn't feel right so I'm back to my good old sens of aesthetic. 

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying I'm a hardcore gothic or a suicide girl wannabe.
My world is just made of this melancholic gloomy atmosphere, and if I love black clothing it's probably only because I love contrast
With black you are focus on the shape, the balance of the coordination and your face is shining. Colors is distracting you from the essential, colors is the best way of hiding your lack of confidence. Black is just easy, honest and pure. 
(lets be honest you also look skinnier and prettier in black) 

Since a few months I'm also totally obsessed with Lana del Rey, I just love her deadly glamourous retro
style. It's sexual, sensual, like a hot summer night. 

I went back to my love for pinup style also, and I discovered new ways of reinventing my style. I'm not a blond baby doll anymore and I want to embrace that "sexy witch" style as my friend Mini says. 

Have you seen the tv series " Witches of East End"?
 that's definitely a huge influence for me. 

Wendy in Witches of East End

Black is the new Black, I'm back bitches! 

Sep 12, 2014

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2014

 Last Saturday, I went to a fashion event created by Vogue called "Fashion Night Out" at Omotesando /Aoyama.

先週の土曜日はボーグのファッションナイトアウットだった @表参道

Mayu, Tiger (emi), Yuri, Me

It was the 6th edition of the event in Tokyo, I already participated last year with my friend Vanessa and MTV81.
This time the weather was ruining the party and really get on the nerves of everyone as you have to walk around Harajuku to get to see all the event.
I went to few brand parties and met lot of friends but I have only few good pictures to show you, next time I will be more prepared. 


+ my outfit +

Laforet Harajuku


Top : Zara
Trousers : Topshop
boots : Minelli
bag : Envym
accessories : Topshop

I went to Harajuku straight from school so I was quite tired, I think you can read that on my face.

 I'm really looking forward the Tokyo fashion week next month! 
I will try my best to blog every fashion event where I'm going because in the rush I usually forget to take pictures. 


Vogue pose

 Thanks to Mathieu for the pictures !


If you want to check the article I made last year 

The video from MTV81 

Aug 25, 2014

Paris, street art and an awful weather




I also want to start blogging in Japanese,
even if I can speak the language my level is not very high so be kind to me. ^_^

今年の夏休みは自家で過ごした!٩꒰ಂ❛ ▿❛ಂ꒱۶♡
パリの天気がめちゃ寒いし本当に大変だった!! あの日、雨も降った! (๑‾᷆д‾᷇๑)

During the month of August I'm staying at my parents house near Paris,
my friend Kathy spend a few days in the French capital so we went to visit some place together.

Outfit of the day in Le Marais

Hotel de Ville de Paris

Historical monument

Notre-Dame de Paris

Outfit of the Day

Street Art

Paris, grey sky, Paris




Modern Art Museum ( @ Pompidou)


That's it for today. Hope you liked it.